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Aftermarket CNG Fitment in BS-6 According to the notification issued by the Central Government, once approved, the vehicle can use it for 3 years, after which it will be renewed once in every 3 years.


Good News Vehicle owners can get CNG and LPG engine retrofitting in BS-VI vehicles government approved

New Delhi, Auto Desk. There is good news for vehicle owners. The central government on Saturday issued a notification that allows retrofitting of CNG or LPG kit in Bharat Stage (BS-VI) vehicles by making changes to their engines. According to the statement by the government, the diesel engine of only those vehicles will be changed to CNG or LPG engine, whose reason is less than 3.5 tonnes.

On this subject, officials say that this demand was being felt for some time, as at present only BS-VI emission norms compliant vehicles are being sold across the country. As of now, only vehicles that meet the emission norms up to BS-IV are allowed CNG retrofitment.

In the notification, the Union Road Transport Ministry said that the approval of retro fitment is the need of the hour. CNG vehicles are an eco-friendly fuel and are capable of reducing emission levels of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, particulate matter and smoke as compared to diesel-petrol engines. According to the notification issued by the ministry, once approved, vehicles can use it for 3 years, after which it will be renewed once in every 3 years. Approval for retrofit vehicles for CNG operation will be given for specially manufactured vehicles

As Per Notification

As per the notification approved by the government, such kit shall be subject to retrofitment in any vehicle within the specified limit of cc engine capacity of ±7% for vehicles up to 1500cc and above 1500cc within the capacity limit of ±5%. will be considered suitable. Engine power shall be measured on an engine dynamometer in accordance with the procedures laid down in AIS 137 as amended from time to time. Power measured from CNG -15% Power on CNG shall be within the range of +5% in respect of power measured on Gasoline.

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